The AVS Battery system is a mobile battery unit, which is available in different power classes from 5kW up to 360kW.
In combination with our AVS gensets, this battery unit enables, a diesel saving of up to 50%, which means that the AVS battery system enables a special cost- and energy-saving power supply.

  • The battery systems in their smaller performance classes are mobile and easy to transport due to their dimensions, which are similar to a Euro pallet.
    However, the large capacity classes of the AVS battery systems can also be transported in 10 or 20 foot containers without any further obstacles.
  • An optional photovoltaic module charges the battery unit with renewable energy, even without operating the genset.
  • The battery system is usually equipped with high-performance lead gel batteries, which are 99% recyclable.
    In the case of special performance or weight requirements, the power battery units can also be equipped with lithium-ion batteries.
  • Because of the resistant housing with IP54 protection, the battery system is ideally suited for outdoor use.


Our AVS battery system offers many other optional equipment options, such as various selectable load outputs, or a night switch, which prevents a generator start at predefined times.
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