Innovative gensets in top quality - energy guaranteed always and everywhere!

Energy supplier (EVU)

Customized solutions are our specialty. We draw on proven standard solutions and adapt them to your requirements.

EVU Mobile 40 - 130 kVA

Mobile units up to max. 2.5 t. Standard with GRP hood and hot-dip galvanized chassis. In addition, there are customer-specific options for all applications.

EVU mobile 40 – 130 kVA

EVU Mobile 160 - 250 kVA

With a weight of less or equal 3.5 t we build mobile gensets on tandem trailers up to 200 kVA. In terms of sound, we achieve 65 dB(A) at a distance of 7 m with 75% load.

EVU mobile 160 - 250 kVA

EVU Mobile 275 - 400 kVA

Designed with an aluminum hood and a hot-dip galvanized chassis, we build you this performance as a tandem , two-axle trailer or even as a self-propelled.

EVU mobile 275 - 400 kVA

EVU mobile 500 - 1130 kVA

We use proven standard solutions and adapt them to your requirements - for example, the carrier vehicle for self-propelled trailers is selected according to customer requirements, all trailers are also characterized by customer requirements.

EVU mobile 500 - 1130 kVA

Container solution

We offer 10', 20', 30' and 40' containers with excess width and height if required. We can install them for you sound-optimized, burglar-proof and turnkey.

Container solution