With power into the future

YOUR training at AVS!

Just in time for the beginning of the application phase, we would like to introduce the apprenticeship at AVS Aggregatebau GmbH:

For 10 years now, we have been taking care of the training of young people and thus also ensure the supply of capable skilled workers. We started in 2008 with the professions "industrial clerk" and "construction mechanic".
Until today, we have continuously expanded our range of apprenticeship professions.

In the following, our current trainees would like to introduce themselves briefly and say in a few sentences what training at AVS means to them:


Training as a mechtronics technician at AVS takes 3.5 years. In the first year of training, we are at the vocational school for metal in Ehingen. From the 2nd year of training onwards, we only have school 1.5 days a week, the rest of the week we are mainly deployed in production in Stetten. Here we are assigned to all groups and learn everything there is to know about the production of our aggregates.
Since AVS has entered into an educational partnership with Liebherr, we are in the training workshop at the Liebherr plant in Ehingen at regular intervals. Special topics are intensively trained there. In addition, we are prepared there in great detail for the exams, both in theory and in practice.
At AVS, there are a large number of different types of machines consisting of a wide range of components. Mechanics, electronics and control software are essential features. We mechatronics engineers are responsible for the assembly, installation and maintenance of such systems. Working on our machines and technology is challenging and demanding.

Kevin, Samuel, Dominic and Jonas


Hello! Today we would like to briefly introduce our training as industrial clerks. We go through several departments in the 3 years we learn at AVS. Currently, we are working in the service, sales, accounting and purchasing departments. Yannik is currently being trained in the service department, as he will be taken on in the service department after his training. His tasks consist of making requests for maintenance material, creating orders, scheduling fitters and arranging appointments with customers. Philipp is in sales. In sales he is allowed to make offers for customers, create orders, prepare tenders and find a solution with our customers if there are problems. Christoph is assigned to accounting. He checks invoices, pays invoices and monitors the accounts of AVS. In purchasing is Annkathrin. She obtains quotations and orders material, deadline monitoring is also part of her job so that the material is in the right place at the right time.
The training at AVS is a lot of fun. We see different departments and therefore have a lot of variety in our training. New tasks await us every day and we always learn something new.
Yannik, Philipp, Annkathrin and Christoph


However, I would like to say a few words about me and AVS. In 2011, I started my apprenticeship as an industrial clerk at AVS and successfully completed it in 2014. In the course of my training, I passed through a wide variety of departments and was thus able to gain initial insights into the business processes of an industrial company. I also had the opportunity to complete a 4-week internship abroad in Plymouth, England. After the apprenticeship, I was taken on in the sales department and was responsible for order processing for rental gensets and generators, which I really enjoyed. Nevertheless, I knew early on that I wanted to achieve more and decided to complete the one-year vocational college so that I could then start studying. The offer from AVS to employ me as a dual student suited me very well. And at this point I would like to thank the management once again for making this possible for me. During my studies, I was able to participate in numerous projects, such as the development of an employee evaluation, the introduction of a scanner system for warehouse management or, as is currently the case, the development of an online store. Since 3 years of study often go by faster than one would like, I will successfully complete my studies in business administration and industry this September with the title Bachelor of Arts. According to the motto “with power into the future” I will continue my career at AVS and start as a buyer. At this point, I can only say that I am looking forward to working with you all.


Hello, my name is Semih and I am doing a 3.5 year apprenticeship as a Technical Product Designer at AVS. At the moment I am at the end of my 2nd year of apprenticeship and during this time I have already learned a lot about this profession. The vocational school I attend is located in Ulm (Robert Bosch). I have one day of classes there every week.
At the moment I am working a lot with our biogas plants, I help to plan the construction of the sites in the CAD program and then I create the appropriate drawings.
For me, the special thing about this profession is that you can use your creativity to implement your ideas when planning a product. What I also like about this job is that you don’t just sit at your PC, but also spend a lot of time in production or visiting customers on construction sites.