AVS-MEKA Mobile earth fault compensation system

An earth fault in a power supply network is usually caused by external effects on overhead lines and cables. In order to be able to continue to guarantee the power supply in the event of such a fault, the resonance star point earthing (RESPE) system, which is also known as a compensated system, is mainly used in the high-voltage and medium-voltage grid.

The mobile earth fault compensation system can be used to compensate for an unwanted earth fault in the affected network area and thus maintain the supply until the fault is actually rectified.


Performance data and equipment (for a mains voltage of max. 24 kV):

  • Earth fault quenching coil
      • Type power: 5.000  kVA
      • Extinguishing power: 4.365 kVAr
      • Rated voltage: 21.000V/√3
      • Rated current: 144A to 300A (DB) resp. 360A (KB) in 7 Steps
  • Oil-earth transformer
      • Type power: 2.500 kVA
      • Useful power: 400 kVA
      • Extinguishing power: 3.637 kVAr
      • Rated current (in OS-STP): 300A (DB) resp. 360A (KB)
  • Available versions + total weight
      • Mobile Attachment (18t)
      • Mobile exchange platform (20t)
  • Control equipped with fault indication system, protection block, oil level indicator, remote dial thermometer and resistance thermometer.
  • Connection panel via NH fuse-switch disconnectors and 4 x Powerlock built-in sockets with 400 A
  • Electromotive cable drum unit, equipped with:
      • 2x30m Control cable
      • 1x30m LV feed-in cable
      • 2x30m Earthing cable
      • 3x30m MS-Kabel 35 mm2
      • 1x30m NS-Power cable 4x35mm2