Is your control outdated, no longer reliable, or even faulty? We completely modernise your equipment, independent of the manufacturer!

System modifications

We set new standards with the AVS InteliVision 8 – independent of the manufacturer!

We modify every control, independent of the manufacturer. 
Includes fully automatic feedback recognition; operator-friendly and self-explanatory.

Possible damage to the genset due to faulty operation is prevented by our intelligent controls.

Faulty operation by the user can be ruled out, because the control detects this.

The total duration of the modification, including preparation and follow-up work with adjustment of the electrical circuit diagrams is around 3-4 weeks.

Did you know? We are happy to provide you with a rented genset for the duration of a refitting, allowing continuous operation.

We are happy to give you personal advice – simply contact our SERVICE directly.

Control system modification in pictures