Energy suppliers mobil 275 – 400 kVA

We build this for you equipped with an aluminium cowling and a galvanised chassis as a tandem, two-axle trailer or as a self-propelled unit.

Our 275 kVA to 400 kVA unit can be erected as a tandem or as a two-axle, 10 t chassis. It is also possible to adapt it to a carrier vehicle.

In this series, too, elaborate noise-reduction measures result in sound pressure levels of 65–67 dB(A) at a distance of 7 m. The sound insulation capsules are built of aluminium sheet, and powder-coated, if the customer wishes it. The chassis is galvanised, and partly painted for maximum corrosion protection.


This is our intuitive-to-use control for all operating modes required in the field of utility companies (EVU). These are monitored and controlled automatically, ruling out fault conditions.

The high-resolution 8“ colour display depicts all conditions in the clearest possible way.

By way of the historical memory, a seamless record of each application, with all measured values, is guaranteed. This data can then easily be exported to an external memory.


The cable drums are driven by a direct current gear motor, so that operators can unwind and rewind the highly flexible heavy-duty cables on their own.

The cable drum unit is spacey enough for secure storage of the high-current plug. The heavy-duty cables have a standard length of 25 m, and can be fitted individually to suit the customer.

Did you know? We can provide you with a suitable adapter cable which can be stored away in the unit.


Most AVS generating sets are equipped with a variety of accessories, including adapter cables, bridge plates, pylons, measuring instruments, and a lot more items.

So that these are easily accessible and can above all be stowed away safely, we provide a variety of substructure storage boxes fitted to the vehicle frame.

These vary in material, measurements and design. These can for example be lockable in stainless steel, equipped with drawers, or may consist of a single plastic storage box for the likes of large traffic cones.