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The training of young people has a high priority at AVS Aggregatebau GmbH and is promoted in all areas.

Education & Study

Our trainees work fully integrated in our teams together with our highly qualified technicians and business people. Are you motivated, committed and curious? Then come and join our team!


During your training as an industrial clerk, you will acquire
comprehensive knowledge in all business areas of a modern
of a modern industrial company:
  • Materials management/product management
  • Marketing and sales management
  • Human resources
  • Finance and accounting
Possible additional qualifications are English or technology.
Depending on the focus, additional knowledge of English
or technical contents are deepened.
Duration of training: 3 years
  • Secondary school leaving certificate, vocational baccalaureate or high school diploma
  • Interest in EDP, PC work, common application programs
  • Willingness to work, sense of responsibility, decisiveness
  • confident appearance, ability to express yourself verbally and in writing
Depending on your additional qualification, you should have appropriate language skills or
technical interest.

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During your training as a mechatronics technician, you will learn how to assemble various
components to complex machines and how electronic components are
are installed and programmed. As a mechatronics technician, you will work at the interface
between mechanics and electronics and gain insight into the following areas:
  • Planning tasks based on circuit diagrams and design drawings
  • Manufacturing components, assemblies or metal constructions using manual and mechanical manufacturing processes
  • Testing and adjusting equipment using the company’s quality assurance system
  • Maintenance and servicing of mechatronic systems
Duration of training: 3.5 years
  • Secondary school leaving certificate
  • Manual dexterity and careful work
  • Team and communication skills, ability to work independently, flexibility
  • Physical resilience

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During your training to become a technical product designer, you will translate the
specifications of our development engineers into technical plans and documents.
and documents. You will gain insight into the following areas:
  • Making technical drawings, sketches, plans and schematic diagrams
  • Execution of detailed designs and calculations
  • Preparation of perspective representations and accompanying technical documents
Duration of training: 3.5 years
  • Secondary school leaving certificate, good knowledge of mathematics and physics
  • Spatial imagination, understanding of technical processes
  • Creativity, enjoyment of careful work

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During your training as a warehouse logistics specialist, you will learn about the logistical planning and
and organizational process in a company. You will get a
comprehensive overview of the following areas:
  • Incoming and outgoing goods
  • Carrying out quality controls
  • Proper storage of material
  • Dealing with the merchandise management system
  • Carrying out stock checks and inventories
Duration of training: 3 years
  • Good secondary school leaving certificate
  • Careful and responsible work
  • Physical resilience
  • Initiative

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Dual courses of study

Studying at the Cooperative State University in Ravensburg in conjunction with the practical phases
in our company offer you a broad, business management education.
You will gain an insight into all commercial areas such as finance, controlling, purchasing as well as
sales and marketing.
You will be able to apply the knowledge gained during the lectures in the practical phases in
projects on your own responsibility.
Duration of studies: 3 years
  • advanced technical college entrance qualification or high school diploma
Study contents:
  • Finance and accounting/controlling
  • Cost and performance accounting
  • Business accounting
  • Integrated Management
  • International Management
  • Business Administration
  • Economics
  • Law

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